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Hi, and thanks for stopping by to learn more about RocBag. My name is Scott Quick. I'm a Rochester, New York native, a husband, a dad, a veteran of the US Army, and the owner and inventor of RocBag. RocBag is a made-for-kids version of another game I invented called BruBag, which I came up with shortly after returning from active duty in 2014. BruBag was a way for me to rediscover life as a civilian, stay busy, and (hopefully) earn a living. Fortunately, the game really took off, and today there are thousands of BruBag game sets being played by active, fun-loving people across the country.

When the pandemic and subsequent quarantine hit in March of 2020, I realized that BruBag was already perfectly engineered for social distancing. I also noticed that whenever my friends and I played BruBag, the kids gravitated towards us, and that they were quick to learn and fall in love with the game. During quarantine, families across the country rediscovered their backyards and how much fun simple outdoor activities could be, and RocBag was born. I'm hopeful that schools and other organizations will discover how much fun it is, as well.

As this new way of life has evolved, I've focused on holding strong to my core values, and what matters most to me: my family, living an active lifestyle, supporting our military, and building every BruBag game set here in America with local craftspeople and suppliers. Over the years, I’ve been approached by several larger companies who wanted to invest, but only if I allowed them to use less-expensive materials and labor sourced outside of the USA. My answer has always been easy and quick: “NO, thank you!” 

As a small business owner, I oversee each and every order placed. I value your feedback and love to see that others enjoy this game as much as my friends and family do. Thank you so much for your support, and I hope you discover for yourself how fun RocBag can be!