American Made * Veteran Owned

How to Play

The objective of the game is to be the first team to close out the opponent’s board by successfully tossing bags through the open holes.

2 teams consisting of 1 or 2 players. Each team must have an equal amount of players. Teams stand together, behind or to the side of their RocBag board and opposite their opponents.

The game is played using 4 official bags that are provided.

Boards are set approximately 20 feet apart facing each other. 6 Covers are set on the ground next to each team’s board.

The line in which players must stand behind when throwing. This is the front of each team’s RocBag board. If a player steps in front of this line when tossing, the throw is considered out of play.

To determine which team starts, each team tosses one bag at the opposing team’s board simultaneously. The team that sinks the first hole starts the game.

Previous winners go first in any subsequent games / tournaments.

Each teammate tosses one bag at the opposing team’s board. When tossing, the 1st teammate’s bag must land on the board before the 2nd teammate throws his / her bag. If playing with 1 player teams then each player will toss 2 bags. Teams are not allowed to throw bags simultaneously.

Bags can be thrown in any fashion, but must land on the board first or go directly through a hole to be counted. Bags that hit the ground are considered out of play and must be removed from the board.

Bags are considered “sunk” if they fall completely through any open hole.

If both players successfully sink separate holes in one round, they are rewarded both bags back and continue to throw. If a hole that was covered becomes un-covered because of impact during a round and a bag goes through the hole, it is now considered an open hole and must be closed out again.

Teams are allowed to ask for one re-rack per game in which they may realign the open holes in a more favorable position. This is only allowed to be done at the beginning of their team’s round.

Once a bag is sunk, the hole must be IMMEDIATELY covered.

Defenders are not allowed to touch the board for any reason other than covering a hole that has been sunk or removing a bag that is considered out of play until the round is over. When the round is complete the board must be adjusted if necessary before the next round begins. (Reset covers, realign board, adjust legs, etc.)

Defenders are not allowed to directly interfere with a bag that is being thrown. However, they are allowed to distract the thrower by any means necessary as long as no contact is made with the player, bag, or board. Defenders must also remain behind their tossing line and out of the field of play. If any of these conditions occur then the tossing team is rewarded the bag back and are given another chance to throw.

To win you must close out every hole on your opponent’s board. If this is achieved by both team members sinking two separate holes then the game is over and there is no redemption.

If both players successfully make the same hole in one round, it is considered and INSTANT win and the game is over.

Once the final hole has been sunk, the losing team is allowed a chance at redemption. This gives the losing team an opportunity to take the game to overtime by closing out their opponent’s remaining holes within one round.

If the losing team is able to close out their opponent’s remaining holes then the game is forced into overtime. If not then the game is over.

Each team will remove the front three covers closest to the logo from their board. After the covers have been removed, the team who had closed out there opponent’s board first will have the first turn in overtime. Normal rules apply.